Destination Florida: The Forgotten Coast

Florida. The word alone conjures up images of white, sandy beaches, plentiful sunshine, crashing waves and tiki bars. While all this is a large part of what Florida is, there are many aspects to it which many may be unfamiliar with. Enter the Forgotten Coast. The name says it all, a (mostly) undeveloped area located along a stretch in the panhandle from as far west as Mexico beach to as far east as the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge– including everywhere in between. It boasts a diverse coastal ecosystem within its vast salt marshes and miles of grass and oyster bar riddled salt flats. Here you can find an abundance of wildlife and marine life, including the ever popular fishery of redfish, speckled trout and flounder.IMG_5622

IMG_1139Aside from the maze of salt marshes here in the Forgotten Coast, spring fed rivers are prolific in the area. With the water staying a constant 72 degrees year round, it makes these rivers a popular paddling destination no matter what the air temperature may be. With crystal clear waters, you can enjoy manatee viewing and have a firsthand look into the life below the surface.

The fun doesn’t stop there. Blackwater cypress swamps, tannin stained rivers that disappear into the ground only to pop back up several hundred yards away and keep moving, sinkholes to swim in and explore and many lakes and ponds. These offer some incredible freshwater fishing for bass, bream, speckled perch, mudfish, gar, plus many more species!IMG_4451IMG_5945

So what are you waiting for? Come on down for a little southern hospitality and let me show you the “REAL” Florida!

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